Why Are We An Evangelistic Church?
We have seen that a large majority of churches are so concerned about following “the system” through methods and protocols established by the churches themselves, which often end up missing great opportunities to bring light to those who are in darkness. It is clear that these methods and protocols are important for the organization of churches, but can not be a priority.

The evangelistic vision was born, not to contradict the ecclesiastical system, but in his messengers to generate a burning desire to be fruitful, for it is based on Genesis 1:28 a, where a given order is fruitful and multiply.

Fruitful and multiply, are steps in a process that starts from the death!


After deciding to “die” to sin, begins where this process is going on 03 (three) steps:

Step 1: GERMINATION: At this stage we begin to develop a new life, a new creature (I Corinthians 5:17). We seek to live according to the biblical principle, because where there was darkness became light, then there was a new birth.

Step 2: FRUIT: With the new birth, it begins to form the fruit, would be so intense preach the gospel, is the birth of an evangelist, where, in season and out of time, have a burning desire to lead salvation to the lost, to rescue lives. Be available to the Holy Spirit, which takes you to where He wants. Arises not just an evangelist, but an evangelist who will look and will seize any opportunity to bring the Gospel, where he will bring change not just for a living, but rather a change for the whole family.

Step 3: MULTIPLICATION: Multiplication is nothing more than than the mature fruit. It is putting into practice all the desire that arose in the fruiting stage. It’s spreading, spreading the Gospel. You go to war, ring, fighting. You grab every opportunity to bring salvation to the lost. Multiplication is an outgrowth of fruiting.

This is the principle of Vision Evangelistic generate messengers in their desire to fruitful and multiply, or prioritize the opportunities that appear to the Word of God being propagated in season and out of time, and thus expand the Kingdom of God.

Conclusion: The Evangelistic Church, does not work with the methods and protocols. The Evangelistic Church, works with women OPPORTUNITIES, prioritizing LIVES who need God’s love, love that would not come and make a difference if there are evangelists who are guided by the Holy Spirit of God, which have a broad and about everything have love for souls in need of salvation …

Pastor Gilson Biondo
Messenger of Christ